International Workshop

Web Engineering from the Trenches 

WE-Trench 2022


5th July 2022  
Bari, Italy
in conjunction with the 22rd International Conference on Web Engineering 2022

Many engineering approaches were proposed for the development of Web software during the last decades and many of them have been presented at ICWE conferences and associated workshops. Some last longer than others, they evolved, they grew up, they have been used in academic and industrial projects.

We are interested in experience reports, success stories of these Web engineering approaches and in disasters as well. Thus, the aim of the workshop is a critical discussion of the lessons learned and improvements needed. We would like to promote the debate about what lines of interest or solutions are currently being demanded by the industry and what academia could contribute.

The workshop aims to collect examples of how to provide bridges from the theory to the practice, showing also problems in knowledge transfer. It should provide important feedback for improving Web Engineering techniques, methods and approaches.


Published on  May 13th, 2022